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Stephanie Andersen

As one of the founders of ZulaFly, Stephanie Andersen brings a daily energy and enthusiasm for the RTLS industry that has driven the evolution of the company. As a partner, Andersen oversees the daily details and operations of the company, ensuring everything from business development, to sales strategy, to marketing execution is running at its peak. A veteran of the software industry, Andersen’s wealth of experience drives ZulaFly toward serving efficiency and innovation to the healthcare industry and beyond. In her spare time, Andersen enjoys keeping up with her two sons’ hockey, football, and baseball endeavors, as well as golfing, reading, and spending time at the lake.

Lori Watson

A partner at ZulaFly, Lori Watson enjoys the daily challenges of the software industry. A natural-born problem-solver, Watson’s mission is to work with customers to build software that creates a solution and gives them tools to enhance what they do. Whether it’s locating people and assets, offering a staff safety solution, providing temperature monitoring, patient workflow or any of Fuzion’s other numerous functions, Watson is committed to guiding customers with a cost-effective solution. Lori and her husband Zach live on the north side of Fargo and enjoy time with their family, which includes a steady regimen of shuttling their five children to hockey, soccer and many other events.

Grant Swenson

When Grant Swenson was one of three graduating high school seniors (yes, three!) in Upham, ND, little did he know his journey would wind from Concordia College (Moorhead, MN), through Microsoft, and twist back to another tight-knit environment known as ZulaFly. A self-proclaimed enthusiast of all things related to computer networking and testing, Swenson followed ZulaFly partner and former Microsoft colleague Lori Watson to ZulaFly’s world of new challenges and hasn’t looked back. When he’s away from his developer duties, Swenson enjoys adventure with his family in all forms, including hiking, biking and video games.

Network Center

A partner of ZulaFly’s Fuzion software, Network Center is committed to providing cutting-edge technology solutions that propel organizations while preparing them for the future. Driven by a focus on technology and networking since 1986, Network Center aims to provide clients across all industries with expert-level service as an experienced, battle-tested IT solution provider and development group. NCI currently serves 12 states and over 500 customers, specializing in industry-specific service and support. With an over-arching goal to make businesses more efficient, Network Center and ZulaFly share common threads of providing technology that streamlines operations.

Hills Healthcare

RTLS technology is steadily evolving as a necessary component to incredible efficiency for staff members and unrivaled service to patients and residents in any healthcare setting. Hills Healthcare has partnered with ZulaFly to make the Fuzion platform and its strong stable of benefits -- including temperature monitoring, asset management, staff safety and workflow -- available for hospitals, clinics, and senior living facilities nationwide. Committed to propelling the healthcare industry with products that bring innovative effectiveness, Hills Healthcare is a natural fit as a ZulaFly business partner.

Eide Bailly

As the emergence of RTLS as a viable and visible technology in hospitals and clinics continues, Eide Bailly has incorporated ZulaFly RTLS as part of its Business Intelligence offering. A company that aims to work closely with healthcare management teams to uncover best processes, steady information flow, and insight into efficiency and effectiveness, Eide Bailly has emerged as a reputable and trusted ZulaFly partner. Whether they’re serving a senior living facility, hospital, or clinic, ZulaFly’s Fuzion platform is a key component to the portfolio of services available for Eide Bailly’s healthcare clients.